How to choose the best sauna for you

Would you like to have your own sauna bath? You have two choices: you can buy one or try to build it yourself. But, whatever you decide, first you have to know which type of sauna will suit you best, according your lifestyle. You can say that all saunas are the same, but this is not true, there are big differences that a buyer or a future sauna builder should know.

Modular and pre-cut saunas

The most important difference between the two of them is the amount of time and effort needed to install the sauna. We live in a society where people are always in a hurry, so every minute is precious.

A pre-cut sauna generally contains all the materials needed for building a sauna: the wood for the walls and ceiling, benches, a door and trim, lights, a standard sauna heater with controls and rocks, but the actual work and the effort of putting all that together is left with the buyer. That’s why they are also called do-it-yourself or DIY sauna kits.

The pre-built sauna is easier to install considering that almost all sections of the sauna come already built. The walls, the ceiling panels and the benches are already put together, while the electrical wiring is hidden within the walls, the door is pre-hung and the air vents are built-in. Moreover, no plumbing is necessary. So, the estimated time spent to install this kind of sauna is about an hour and, by being a free-standing assembly, you can move it whenever you want.

The most traditional sauna is the Finnish type, using special rocks or stones heated on a stove to increase the air temperature inside the sauna bath. You can even add steam by pouring water on the hot rocks. This causes increased body perspiration with great results on cleaning and renewing the human body.

A more modern technology consists of far infrared energy. This type of energy is produced by emitters installed in a far infrared sauna or infrared heat therapy room. The advantage of this sauna is that the person inside is exposed to more acceptable temperatures. Furthermore, there are studies showing that the amount of sweat produced by using this technology can be three times higher than the perspiration produced by using a typical Finish sauna.

Thanks to the internet, you can find more information about building a sauna and the health benefits of using this type of therapy.

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