How to eliminate heavy metals and chemical toxins using sauna therapy

Usually when people feel sick or they are in a bad mood, they do not think about the fact that the accumulation of toxins and heavy metals in their bodies can make them feel this way. Heavy metals and chemical toxins are present in our seafood, amalgam dental fillings, water, etc. Cadmium, mercury, lead and aluminum are dangerous heavy metals that can seriously damage the functions of our internal organs and cause severe health disorders.

Researchers who have studied this aspect believe that regular far infrared sauna baths can help us detoxify our bodies and improve both our physical and mental health.

One of the most dangerous heavy metal that threatens our health is lead. The exposure to this heavy metal can cause nerve disorders, pains in the muscles and joints, irritability, concentration problems, memory loss, high blood pressure and fertility problems. There is also a close connection between lead and Alzheimer’s disease. The most susceptible to lead negative effects are kids who are less than six years old because their nervous system is not completely developed and lead exposure can cause stunted growth, impaired hearing, kidney damage, attention disorders and reduced IQ. Severe exposure can even cause death. Lead can be found in the water, some paint types, pesticides, hair dye, ink, automobile exhaust and canned food.

Another dangerous heavy metal is mercury, which is present in fabric softener, cosmetics, latex paint, vaccines, contact lens solution, tap water and latex paint. Researchers believe that even a very low mercury level can have harmful effects. Dr. Stephen Edelson and Deborah Mitchell agree that mercury can damage our neurons and the transmission of signals in the brain, thus affecting our nervous and immune systems. Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, autism, depression, hyperactivity disorder, loss of memory, vision problems, chronic fatigue are also a result of mercury exposure.

Cadmium is also a toxic heavy metal that can severely damage our health. It can be found in the water, soil, food, air, batteries and industrial paints and solder. But the highest level of cadmium can be found in the cigarette smoke. Cadmium exposure can make our bones more fragile and raise fracture risk and can cause slow growth, zinc deficiency, kidney stones, decreased appetite and sore joints.

If we breathe contaminated air, we drink water or eat food that has high levels of cadmium we can cause severe damage to our lungs, stomach and we can even die.

Inorganic arsenic is also included in the list of harmful toxic chemicals that can affect our health in a negative way. It can be found in the air, food, water and soil.

If inorganic arsenic is inhaled, it can cause lung cancer; many studies have proven that people who work in smelters, mines and arsenical chemical factories or in the area where these are placed, are very susceptible to develop lung cancer.

People are also exposed to aluminum compounds which can cause anemia, headaches, speech disturbance, memory loss, extreme anxiety, decreased liver and kidney function and even Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum compounds are mostly present in certain medicinal products, such as laxatives and antacids, and deodorants. People who have kidney problems store a large amount of aluminum in their bodies; they can even develop brain or bone diseases due to a high aluminum accumulation. Children who take medicines that contain aluminum can develop bone problems because the presence of this toxic chemical in their stomachs prevents the absorption of phosphate.

Lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum are just a few of the chemical toxins that can cause severe health disorders. We can also include here chloroform, benzene, dichlorobenzene, xylene, DDT, toluene and formaldehyde.

Usually, uninformed and ignorant people believe that it is impossible to avoid chemical toxins contamination or to get rid off them if they get into our bodies. But those people who have experienced the powerful benefits that far infrared saunas provide, know that we can detoxify our body.

Health researchers agree that the most effective way to eliminate toxins from our bodies is through perspiration and far infrared saunas can help us sweat very heavily. Another advantage that far infrared sauna provides is that the perspiration it causes contains more toxins and less water while perspiration produced by traditional Finnish sauna is composed of about 97 percent water and three percent toxins. Not to mention the fact that the temperatures inside far infrared saunas are more tolerable than those inside traditional Finnish types. A 15 minutes sauna bath can eliminate as many toxins as our kidney would eliminate in 24 hours.

The excessive usage of lotions, soaps and deodorants can stop us sweat as much as we should and get rid of these dangerous chemicals in our bodies, but owning a far infrared sauna can help us solve this problem. So, think very seriously about achieving your own far infrared sauna in order to improve your health and stay away from the doctor for a long period of time.

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