How to intensify a sauna bath experience

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a sauna bath in the privacy of your house. The heat inside the sauna will help your body and mind refresh and will improve the functions of your internal organs. Try to use your sauna every day if you want to improve the quality of your life.

This article will teach you some important tips to intensify your sauna bathing experience.

  •  Even if you do not have enough time to enjoy a complete sauna session, you can still take advantage of a shorter bathing. However, you should organize your daily activities and make some time for yourself. Choose the right moment during the day to use your sauna. Some people prefer to take a sauna bath in the morning while others think that the evening is the right moment. It depends on you to determine when your sauna bath is more beneficial for you.
  • Try not to exaggerate with eating before entering the sauna. However, if you have eaten too much, wait at least 60 minutes before you take your sauna bath. It is recommended to drink some water before entering and after exiting the sauna to keep a proper hydration level. Do not drink any alcohol inside, otherwise dehydration will occur.
  • If you own a home sauna, try to wear nothing inside. This way you will improve the effects of this therapy and will make you feel more comfortable. Remove any jewelry because they can damage your skin when they get hot. If you use a commercial sauna and you are a shy person, wear a lightweight bathing suit.
  • There are different accessories to use while taking a sauna bath. For example, different essential oils will spread a nice smell into the air. Headrests, backrests and footrests are usual accessories that can make your experience more relaxing and comfortable. Traditional Finnish saunas can also include ladles, buckets and whisks. There are also less utilized accessories such as peg racks, thermometers, timers and hygrometers.
  • Bring at least two towels if you use a commercial sauna. One will serve you for sitting and wrapping and one for cleaning yourself after you have finished your sauna session.
  • It is recommended to take a warm shower before entering the sauna. It will help you clean the impurities accumulated at the surface of your skin. Also, take a cold shower after you come out the sauna in order to clean up the perspiration. You can also swim a little if you have a swimming pool.
  • You can apply some lotion before entering a sauna to moisturize your skin. Some people think that if they apply honey and salt on their skin, this will help the cleansing process. Whatever you choose to do, it is important to use a hydrating lotion and drink a lot of water after you come out from the sauna, otherwise your skin will become very dry. If you suffer from skin diseases such as rosacea or eczema use an infrared sauna and not a traditional one.
  • Take a 20 minutes rest time after your bath session in order to let your body get to its normal temperature. Only after that you can get dressed.
  • Ask the advice of a professional before using a sauna if you are pregnant. Usually pregnant women are allowed to stay inside a sauna only 15 minutes. If you and your husband plan to have a baby, give up going to sauna because the higher temperature of the body has negative influences on the sperm. Also if you have any heart disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, or multiple sclerosis ask for medical advice before using sauna.
  • There are different sauna sizes available on the market to choose from. If you prefer to take your sauna bath alone, you can achieve a model that is made for one person only. Bigger saunas provide space for two or several people. They are suitable for big families and sometimes they can be used for small sauna parties.
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