Inflatable hot tub use - Advantages and disadvantages

An inflatable hot tub has many advantages but also some disadvantages. How often and for that purpose you use the hot tub is up to you.


Inflatable hot tubs are easy to move from place to place when needed.

Also they can be used in-ground and above ground also. This hot tub uses only 120 volts that can be delivered by an electrical outlet. Another great advantage is that this tub can be taken with you on holidays in case you want to.


Unlike the solid hot tubs, inflatable tubs aren’t nearly as durable. The fact that they use a 120 volts outlet means that the heating power will be much lower than solid hot tubs. Inflatable hot tubs don’t have water jets. They actually blow air around the tub which means that the tub will cool off quite fast. You will only get 15-30 minutes of hot water. When moving an inflatable hot tub, you need to take into consideration draining, deflating, moving and inflating the tub. Inflating and deflating the tub requires a compressor, which is hard to handle often.

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