Inground spa building

You may think it will be difficult but if you take it step by step you will see that is not that hard. You don’t need to wait anymore for a vacation to get in a spa, just with a bit of work you will have your own spa in your backyard.

Area marking

Choose where you want to place the hot tub and mark it.


Dig a hole and put concrete in it. The pit must be 30 inches bigger than the tub so there will be room for pump and motor. Around the edge of the tub you will build the deck to encase the pump.

Wiring and plumbing

Make a trench through the concrete and install the wires. Set the drainage pipes and water access.

Shell installing

Connect the plumbing and wiring to the hot tub shell after you have put it in the concrete pit. Put the deck around the edge of the tub

Secure the shell

With the help of a few people you must line up the connections, plumbing and electrical wires, with the holes from the shell. Now pour the concrete around the tub to secure it. Pour it in a downward slope to get a good drainage.

Tub covering

Get an appropriate cover for your hot tub to keep debris out and children and pets safe.


Hire a professional to take care of the wiring and plumbing part of the installation if you don’t have experience. Make sure everything is in order before pouring the concrete because it could be hard or maybe impossible to repair any possible problems afterwards.

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