Most popular hot tub accessories

There are many accessories that can enhance the relaxation experience in a hot tub. You can purchase most of these accessories from pool or spa stores.


Hot tub pillows will allow you to lay back and relax, enhancing the spa experience.

You can find these pillows in many shapes and sizes.


A protective hot tub cover, made usually of polyethylene will help prevent any dust, debris and even animals from entering the tub. The cover is kept on the tub, until it is used.


Replace normal iridescent bulbs with LED lights that come in various colors.

Water seats

Increase your comfort by using water seats. These seats will lift you a few inches while you sit and relax in the tub.


The vacuum is used to clean the hot tub of any debris and dust. It comes in may shapes, sizes and costs.


Spas and hot tubs have filters that require cleaning. You can purchase automatic filters that don’t use cartridges.

Drink holders

Drink holders enhance the comfort of the spa experience. These holders use suction cups to stick to the sides of the spa, keeping the drinks close and out of fire.


Handrails are easy to install and they help you get in and out of the tub easier.

Hot tub umbrellas

Hot tub umbrellas will protect you from harmful UV rays. They can rotate 360 degrees and are usually made of tough materials.


Hot tub fragrances are used to enhance the spa experience. They can also eliminate the chlorine and chemical odors of the tub.

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