Moving a hot tub

You need the right tools to handle this easy but yet dangerous task.

Materials needed

  • appliance dolly
  •  two four-wheeled furniture dollies
  •  tow straps
  • 4×4 lumber

The process

First you have to unplug the spa from any electrical circuits or gas lines. Wrap any cords to keep them out of the way.

Make sure the tub is empty and drained and its cap is secured. Turn the tub upside down with the help of some friends.

Lift the first corner and place a 4×4 sheet of lumber under it. Repeat the process for the sides of the tub. Use furniture dollies to move the tub around on a flat surface. If you need to move it upstairs or downstairs you will need to use appliance dollies and a couple of tow straps.

Place the tub in the place you want and then gently lift each corner and remove the 4×4 planks. This must be done slowly to avoid damaging the floor and the hot tub.

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