Outdoor sauna foundation preparations

Any type of building, small or big, needs a solid foundation. So you must be careful with it because you will have problems with the hot tub’s seal if the sauna will shift or settle.

Concrete mixing

The door must be put on a raised foundation like a 3’’ concrete slab, but if you want to choose wood or something else you must ask first a structural engineer or a contractor.

The concrete needs to be made from Portland cement, sand, aggregate and 24 parts of water. It will be done when it has the consistency of the peanut butter.

Prepare site

It is necessary that you will do prepare the soil correctly. Put the aggregate where the concrete will be. You must prepare the soil six to twelve inches under the concrete because this will make the drainage better and prevent problems from the frozen soil.

Stone compacting

Using a compactor powered by gas, you will compact the stone. By not doing this step, the concrete could crack when the rocks lay under the foundation.

Concrete forms

You must know how much wood and concrete to use. For that measure the distance for the circumference of the slab. After you clean the space of plants, dig into the ground four to six inches. Before you put the concrete, disperse a layer of gravel and around the slab, put the 2x4s and pound in the stakes on their sides with a hammer.

The concrete

After you put the concrete into the form, spread it out with a rake to the corners of the form. Make sure the form is half empty because now you will put a mesh and after that put more concrete on top of it. After the concrete braced a bit you can remove the form and let the concrete to dry completely.

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