Outdoor sauna interior finishing

When finishing an outdoor sauna interior, you must choose the design depending on the surroundings of the sauna. You can use cotton fiber, natural bristle brushes or paint gun stain.

Tools and materials

  • Wall cleaning solution
  • Masking tape
  • Stain
  • Cotton rags or cut up T-shirts
  • Natural bristle brushes
  • Paint gun


First of all you must clean the surface so there’s no dust around.

Use a wood grain cleaning solution.

Glue covering

If there’s glue coming out of the walls, make sure you put some masking tape over that surface.

Stain apply

You can use a brush or a rag to apply the stain, but some kits come in a spray form. The brush you use doesn’t matter. Only foam brushes aren’t recommended because they can dissolve the solution.

Spray staining

Make sure the paint gun is set on light viscosity. If the solution is very thick, you may have to thin the solution. Mixing and shaking the solution will many times be enough. Stir any dye stains to eliminate lumps that are not dissolved. If you use more smaller cans, it is best to stir them together to make sure they are the same color.

Apply the stain thorough wipe on or spray on. Remove excess using a paper towel. Finish the job using varnish, wood polish or shellac.

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