Outdoor sauna roof construction

The roof is one of the most important components of an outdoor sauna. It must be strong to protect the sauna and its interior.


Create a blueprint of the roof design.

Make sure you get the length and width of the roof just right


You will need to place rafters at the top of each wall horizontally and then attach purloins to the rafters so the roof has some bonus support.

Tie and collar beams

To avoid the walls from spreading you have to attach tie beams to the lower parts of opposite rafters. Collar beams must also be used at a higher spot, between opposing rafters to increase the resistance of the whole structure.

Sheath stapling

Staple the sheath to the rafters and then cover it with an underlay, that will assure protection from weather conditions.

Shingle placing

Start installing the shingles on the underlay. They have to be connected to the roof using heavy glue. Usually, you should start at the bottom and work your way to the top, placing each shingle slightly on top of the last one.

Roof installing tips

You have to be careful with the area you work on. Don’t start to install the shingles if the roof sheathing is wet or damp. Never shingle over old shingles. Also, each type of roof requires different shingling. A low-sloped roof needs one layer of shingles, a medium-sloped roof requires 1-2 layers of shingles and a steep-sloped roof requires no more than 3 layers of shingles. Metal flashing is mandatory, as cheap, shingle material flashing isn’t nearly as effective. To cover the flashing, you should use counter flashing made of the same material as the flashing. Avoid using roof tar, caulk and asphalt mixes. Always use the same materials you had when repairing any damage like holes in the sheathing material.

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