Portable hot tub installation

You are not sure if a long time investment is for you? Than choose a portable hot tub. It’s not as hard to install it as an in-ground hot tub.


Even if it’s a portable hot tub this is a very important step because once you filled it with water you must completely drain it to move the tub if you don’t like the location.

Location preparing

You need to clean the path where you want to place your hot tub and choose a leveled surface.

Hot tub foundation

If you have a slab of concrete big enough for your hot tub that is the ideal foundation. But if you don’t have, there is no problem because you can make one by building a frame and pouring concrete in it. You can also use gravel which is not permanent and it will prevent any water damage on the outside of the tub.


There are some hot tubs with a single electrical wire but there are also some hot tubs that use a more complicated system and so you need to call an electrician or ask for someone with plenty of experience to take care of the job.


Fill the tub with water taking note of the manufacturer’s specifications of how to do it. For your health and the safety of your tub add the chemicals needed. Use the owner’s manual for more details.

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