Safe hot tub stairs - building tips

To prevent any danger, your hot tub must have a set of steps. Building steps is not as hard as it sounds.

Size of the steps

The size of the steps is very important because they will get wet and it will affect the safety.

First, choose the side of the hot tub that will have steps and measure it because the size of it will be the same as the steps size. After that you will need to cut 3 pieces of lumber (because you will have 3 steps) fitting the measurement. Now every 1 ½ feet put a stringer. If you don’t know, a stringer is that vertical part of the stairs that the steps will rest on. To ease your work you can use pre-cut stringer and they are cheap.


Now that you have the stringers and you’ve cut the steps you can start to make the stairs. Glue the vertical and the horizontal part of one of the stringers and place the first step lining up the edges. Now glue the other stringers with a distance of 1 ½ inches between them. When the glue dried, do the same thing with the other 2 steps. To be more secure, turn the stairs over and nail the steps to the stringers. Glue the edges of the steps and stringers. On the ends of the steps, glue plywood sheets. Now nail the wood. Shape the plywood with the hand saw to match the steps.


To increase the safety you can add anti-slipping pads to every step. Cut the anti-slipping pads the same size as the steps and 3 inches wide. Every 3 inches mark the steps from end to end and put a line of glue along the mark. Attach the pads to the glue. For more safety, on the top and the bottom of the steps, put a bracket. Attach the second bracket after you’ve lined the steps with the hot tub.

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