Sauna accessories

Sauna accessories can enhance the whole experience of using a sauna. You can choose from a few types of accessories.

Pail and ladle

Because non-electric saunas require a way of putting water on the rocks, a pail and ladle is needed.

It can be found in various designs that fit the wood of the sauna.

Sauna light

Because indoor saunas don’t get any direct source of light, they require an electrical lighting system that can withstand very high temperatures and moisture levels.

Towel Rack

It may not be a crucial sauna accessory but it enhances the look of the sauna and provides a towel to sit on so that the wood of the benches is protected.


Adding a few drops of fragrance into the steam water will enhance the overall feel and pleasantness of the sauna.

Sauna suits

You can try wearing a sauna suit while in the sauna to help you lose weight while relaxing inside the sauna.

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