Sauna lighting

Sauna lights are an essential feature that improves the relaxation process. Sauna lighting comes in many types and styles.

Lighting types

The sauna lighting type must fit the sauna’s style.

While red and yellow add a more energetic feel to the sauna, blue and green give a more relaxing feel to the whole experience. You can mix the light colors as you wish.

Fiber optic lights

Fiber optic lighting are very flexible and can be used in ceilings and walls. They use a standard 220v – 240v AV system. You can change the atmosphere of the sauna quite easily with this type of lighting.

LED lights

LED lighting systems can be used in ceilings, walls, floors and benches. They use a simple system that can power a segment of up to 2 meters. They are easy to install.

Light style

The style of the lights change the atmosphere of the sauna. Round lights are the most popular and can be easily customized. Tubular lights create a pleasant atmosphere with little shadow. These lights can be hanged by the ceiling.


Lighting systems can be installed pretty much anywhere in the sauna either randomly or in a pattern. You must not install a lighting system above the heater or stove as it can damage the sauna.

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