Sauna room building tips

Before starting the actual construction, detailed planning on the tools, materials and process of the building are needed.

Tools and materials

  • Hammer
  •  Level
  •  Square
  •  Countersink set
  •  Electric saw
  •  Electric drill
  •  Screw gun
  •  Caulking gun

After getting the right equipment, you need to choose the location of the sauna room. It should be next to water so you can cool off after a sauna session and enjoy yourself more.

The room should cover 45 square feet so that you can stand up in it and have enough room.

Convert an old room

If you wish to convert an old room into a sauna room, you must take the necessary steps and protective measures against the moisture that will occur when the sauna is used. The wood used to build the sauna room must have a high level of moisture resistance in order to properly fulfill its purpose.

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