Sauna therapy for removing dangerous toxins and heavy metals

The world we live in is a dangerous one because we are both surrounded by war zones and harmful toxins which threaten our lives. Mercury, lead and aluminum are just a few of these human body’s enemies, but the list is much longer.

Cadmium for example, is the most dangerous of all because it is present everywhere: in our food, in our water and even in the air we breathe; it is impossible to avoid cadmium contamination.

And this is not all! Researchers have demonstrated that there is a strong connection between cadmium and different types of cancer; this pollutant helps carcinogenic cells to spread and grow more quickly.

Hypertension, migraines, osteoporosis, angina, depression and high blood pressure are also caused by the presence of cadmium in our environment and bodies.

Toluene is another dangerous chemical that can be found in nail polish, glues, paints, cosmetics, cleansers, shoe polish and the like. It can cause depression, cancer, heart attack, liver damage, etc.

When all these toxins and heavy metals accumulate inside our bodies, it is undoubtedly that our health is at great risk. Luckily, there is one effective way to get rid of all these chemicals and that is sauna therapy.

During a sauna session our bodies and blood warm up and make us sweat heavily.  When we sweat, our bodies eliminate a large amount of toxins. This process is also called detoxification and it can also include a diet, supplements and enemas when necessary.

Although there are several sauna types available on the market, health professionals believe that far infrared saunas are more comfortable due to the temperatures inside which are more tolerable than the temperatures inside traditional Finnish saunas.

Nowadays, both Finnish and far infrared sauna types are not expensive at all mainly if you compare the amount of money with the value of your health.

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