Spa heater installation

Depending on what spa you choose, the installation process will differ but will remain relatively easy. The electric heater is mostly used for portable saunas and above ground ones whilst the gas heater is mostly used for in-ground spas.

Tools and materials needed

  • Pipe wrench
  • Crescent wrench
  • Pipe thread sealer
  • Voltage meter
  • Screwdriver

Heater position

You will need to place the spa heater on the side of the spa pump.

This is considered the best place for the heater.

Gas heater placement

A gas heater must be as close to the gas supply as possible. At the same time, it must be near the spa pump and filter. The gas supply can either be a gas pipe line or a propane tank.

Heater installation

Now that you’ve positioned the heater, you must connect the PVC inlet of the water pipe to the inlet of the heater. Use couplers and unions. You will also need pipe adhesive, couplers and a pipe wrench to complete the installation.

Heater power

To supply the heater with electric power you can either plug the electric wires from the heater in a male AC plug or directly connect them to outlet wires. You mustn’t touch the live wires if the power is on.

Heater gas/electric supply

If you connect your heater to a gas supply, you must use copper or flex piping that has a shut-off valve. Next, attach the pipe to the gas fitting of the heater. The connections must be secured using thread sealer and by tightening them with a wrench. Check for any leaks by spraying soapy water on the fittings. If bubbles appear, the fitting isn’t tightly connected.

If you connect your heater to an electric supply, you must firstly connect the PVC water pipes to the heater and then attach the power connections.

Once finished, turn the power on and check if the water flowing is warm. If it is, then the heater does what it’s supposed to.

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