Spa heaters - gas or electric?

There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing between a gas spa heater and an electric spa heater. A gas heater will heat up a lot quicker than an electric one, but requires a complicated special tubing installation.

Spa gas heater

A gas heater needs special tubing that only a licensed professional can handle.

It implies tapping into the main gas lines in your house and the use of flaring tools which are used when working with copper tubes.

Spa electric heater

The danger of a spa electric heater is that of electrocution. It can be solved by removing any electrical parts of the heater away from the spa itself. Portable spa cabinets have electrical feeding directly through the cabinet.


If you wish to avoid any sort of problems, you can use an electric hot tub heater, that may heat up slower but it will be safer and can be installed by yourself by simply plugging it in.

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