Spa pump installation process

To use a spa pump you must connect it to a spa motor in order to pump water through the jets. You need to follow the installation manual in order to complete the installation properly.


  • safety glasses
  • screwdrivers
  • wrenches

Cut power

First of all you must cut the power supply to the spa and the spa motor.

To avoid injuries, make sure the working area is not wet. Some electric outlets require a physical disconnection while some have a built in circuit breaker.

Water supply and outlet connection

Make sure the water supply and drainage connectors aren’t filled with debris. You must clean the threaded ends also. You can place a tape over the connectors to protect them.

Pump connection

You must install the spa circuit pump connecting the 4 or 8 bolts. Properly tightening the bolts helps avoid leak issues later on.

Suction and discharge connection

Use a wrench to connect the suction and discharge system. This will prevent leaks. To help ease the process you can use a small amount of oil.


Start the power system and activate the motor. The pump must have strong suction and assure a good amount of pressure for the jets.


The system is simple to install. There are about 10 connections included, including the bolts so there’s not much work to do.

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