The best sauna stove

When deciding to build your own sauna, one of the first questions you have to answer to is “what type of sauna heater or sauna stove is most suitable for me?” I can ensure you that there is no right answer at this question and it depends on some conditions like geographic location, local regulations or costs. When choosing a type of sauna heater, take into account that all three types, electric sauna heaters, gas sauna heaters and wood burning sauna heaters have the same functions, you just have to decide which type is the best option for you. Here are some circumstances or conditions that can influence your choice:

Wood burning sauna heaters

Who can resist the temptation of a relaxing ambiance for the sauna bather, with the heat, the smell of the wood and the sound of the fire? If you are looking to create your own, intimate place, the best option for your sauna heater is the wood burning stove.

You can even carry the wood and set the fire in the stove. And if you are living in a place where wood is very easy to find, without affecting the environment in any way, the first option for you must be the wood burning sauna heaters. Some countries have strong regulations, building codes or high insurance costs that keep you from purchasing this type of sauna heater. But you still have the remaining options: electric or gas sauna heaters. And look at the bright side of the story, there will be no more ashes to clean; you will spend less time for sauna maintenance.

Electric vs. gas sauna heaters

To decide between the two of them, first take into consideration what provides the heating for your home. So, if you live in a gas-heated home probably is best to buy a gas sauna heater. But, if electricity provides the heat in your house, you should purchase an electric sauna heater. You must, also, look at the costs, gas sauna heater can be more economic than electric ones because the heat is more reliable and easier to adapt. Living in an area with difficulties in accessing electricity might be also a problem.

But electric sauna heaters have their advantages, being the most commonly used in urban areas, where electricity has no restrictions. The absence of any odor while operating is another thing that place the electric sauna heater above the other two.

If you still have doubts, you can always ask for a professional opinion at any qualified sauna dealer or manufacturer. If they don’t offer you the answers to these questions, is better to buy your sauna from elsewhere because their knowledge about sauna is also minimal.

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