The importance of saunas

Toxins and pollutants are very hard to avoid because they can be found everywhere in our environment. For example, there is copper in our water, arsenic, cadmium and lead in the air we breathe, formaldehyde in the wine, mercury and nickel in the seafood, etc. Our internal organs work very hard and continuously to help us eliminate these dangerous and harmful microscopic enemies.

When there is a severe accumulation of toxins inside our body, several health problems may appear. Researchers have proven that there is a strong connection between a large amount of mercury in our bodies and diseases such as Alzheimer, rheumatoid arthritis, autism, etc. Cadmium can produce high blood pressure, migraines, hypertension, angina and even prostate cancer.

Toluene is another toxic chemical that can cause depression, liver damage and heart attacks.  Besides these chemical toxins, there are many others that can provoke serious health disorders and cancer.

In order to help our body become healthier we should remove as much as possible the sources of these harmful toxins and at the same time to help our kidneys in the process of detoxification. Many people use far infrared saunas to accomplish these tasks. The perspiration caused by far infrared sauna baths helps detoxifying your body while far infrared rays improve your blood circulation. The heat inside far infrared saunas strengthens your immunity. The more oxygen your body accumulates, the more healthy your lungs and heart will be. During a far infrared sauna session the activity of the skin is intensified and helps your kidneys in the process of detoxification.

Because nowadays everything that surrounds us is contaminated with toxins, pollutants and other dangerous gases and substances, we have to try to avoid as many poisonous sources as possible. We should also detoxify our bodies regularly using far infrared saunas.

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