Different ideas for outdoor stair designs

The staircase is focal point of the house before entering indoor. It is the path which leads to the door entrance or to the garden. Choosing the right design for it will emphasize the style of your house and it will embellish the landscape in your garden.

Multistory apartments and bungalows present beautiful staircases that strike the eye.

In addition, the design of your staircase is very important because it can add a special touch to the whole view. In the following lines we will present you a few ideas to help you choose the right design for your staircase.

Outdoor Staircase Designs

There are many materials you can use to build your outdoor stairs. It depends on your budget and your taste. But there is something you have to take into account: the design ant the material of the stairs should match with the style of your house. The most popular are stairs made of wood because they fit almost everywhere and are suitable for every house design. Keep in mind to choose only high-quality wood because it is very durable and can handle any weather conditions. There are also several choices when it comes to railing. You can opt for modern designs, closed blocks or slat designs. Slat designs, which have a space between each step work very well with houses that are built in a classy rustic style. Floating stairs, especially those colored in white, are the best option if your house is modern and elegant both indoor and outdoor.  If you want to use stone for your stairs you can decorate them with plants and accenting rocks. Usually, stone stairs are used for gardens, backyard or a gazebo. You can also choose wrought iron to build a spiral staircase for example. This material is very long-lasting and looks wonderful.

Another important element you should keep in mind is the design of the railing. Although its main purpose is to provide safety, it can also emphasize the beauty of the staircase if its design is correctly chosen. There are various models to choose from such as thick designer rods, straight rods, spiral rods, etc. for example, horizontal stair railing rods are very chic and simple. On the other hand, wrought iron outdoor stair designs may include attractive patterns of railing and steps.  Straight rods which present a decorative block in the middle of its height are suitable for stairs made of wrought iron. If you plan to use concrete for your stairs, installing a balustrade made of the same material and presents different designs is a good choice. Staircases made of wood look great if added cross handrails.

Outdoor staircase decoration

After you finish your construction, you need to decorate the staircase in order to make it more beautiful. The easiest way to improve the aspect of your metal or wrought iron staircase is to paint it. Just make sure you use high quality paint and a suitable color that works with the exterior design of the house. At the same time, you can add creeping plants for a peaceful and relaxing aspect. If your stairs are made of wood, add potted plants to animate them. Pick up green plans or plants with multicolored flowers. Adding light on the staircase is also a great idea. You can illuminate them using wall lamps or paves lights. If you want your staircase to have an extravagant look, use carpet runners or rich treads.

These were a few ideas about the decoration of the staircase. But you can choose and combine different materials and designs, depending on your tastes and needs.

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