How to build interior and outdoor stairs

Usually, people believe that building stairs for their homes is a difficult task to accomplish especially if they have never done this before. In order to help you, this article will present you important steps to build stairs for your house.

Building indoor stairs

Although there are several materials that can be used for your interior stairs, concrete is one of the most popular options.

Let us see how to do it!

  1.  The first thing you need to do is to measure the dimension of the place where you want to install your concrete stairs. It is to be noticed that the stairs are made of three elements:

–  the stringer is that part which sustains the stairs from the left and the right side;

–  the tread represents the width of the stairs;

– The riser is the height of the stairs.

  1. Find out the height of the staircase by measuring the distance between the two floors. Usually, it is 11 inches in measurement.
  2. Measure the width of the stairs (the tread).
  3. Divide the measurement result by 7,25 to find out the number of stairs you have to build.
  4. Keep in mind that the riser is one more than the tread.
  5. Find out the total height of your staircase. For this operation, you need to know exactly the dimension of the riser.
  6. Lay a framing square down and utilize a stringer.
  7. Make a visible sign on to the riser and the tread measurements on the external side of the framing square. At the same time, take it through the whole height of the stringer. Mark it using mask tape.
  8. After you finish with all measurements, cut out the stringer very precisely.
  9. Put the stringer in place to see if it fits perfectly; if there are any problems, you can fix them now.
  10. Nail the stringers to the deck; install joist hangers.
  11. Apply the treads and fix them in place with nails or screws.

That was all!

Building outdoor stairs

 The process of building outdoor stairs is almost the same as building interior stairs. The only difference is that you have to build an additional support for the outdoor stairs ending by fixing an anchor board to the house.

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