How to build pre-cast concrete steps

If you want to build a staircase from your door to the yard, use pre-cast concrete for the steps. This is the best option because pre-cast stairs are long lasing and do not require any special skills to install them. In addition, they do not require much work and there is no chance to look unaesthetic due to gasps or joint because they come in one piece.

There are many available shapes and sizes on the market to choose from. Although they are quite expensive, pre-cast concrete steps do not require any special care and are very easy to install.

Steps to build pre-cast concrete steps

  •  Establish the place where you want to install your pre-cast concrete steps and measure its dimension. Also, you need to choose a design that fits with you measurements.
  • Find out how many steps do you need to build and their dimensions by measuring the distance from the ground level to the house. In addition, you have to determine the step tread.
  • After you have chosen the design and dimension of the stairs, you have to start building them. Use a shove to remove stones, gravel and weeds from that area. Make a hole in the ground (8 – 10 inches deep) for the foundation.
  • Cove 4 inches deep from the hole with pea gravel to avoid any water stagnation under the steps and soil in place.
  • Put the pre-cast concrete steps into the working area and arrange them on to the gravel. Make sure that they are placed in the middle, towards the doorway.
  • Attach the step to the wall using a mixture of grout and water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when preparing this combination. Apply the mixture between the steps and the wall.
  • Utilize a mason’s jointer to give the grout fine-textured finish.

If you want to add something special to your stairs, you can paint them using a nice color. Make sure you repair your concrete stairs from time to time; otherwise, asps or cracks may occur.

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