How to decorate outdoor stairs

If you plan to redecorate or build your staircase, there are many designs to choose from. Depending on the house style, you can opt for quadrangular, circular, straight or any other staircase style. There are also  different materials you can use for your stairs.

If you own a big house with a big garden, you have to build outdoor staircases to connect the terrace and the top floors outside. You can apply many ideas that are usually utilized for indoor stairs.


If you want to build an outdoor circular staircase you don’t have to own a big house. There are many ideas to take into account if you want to embellish your outdoor view. Usually, outdoor stairs are built to connect the outside door with the main path, for porches, balconies and into gardens to give one a nice feeling. At the same time, these stairs make the house look like being built on a height. If you add a few potted and creeping plants, the result will be sensational. In the following lines we will present you a few ideas to decorate your outdoor stairs.

Ideas to decorate stone outdoor stairs

If you like to have a beautiful landscape around your house, with many flowers and decorative plants, you should think very seriously about building an outdoor staircase. For the garden you can construct a staircase made of stone for an original and beautiful aspect. You can place these stairs around your garden or to build them from the entrance door. Stone stairs do not need special care; all you have to do is to polish their sharp edges from time to time.  For a modern and elegant look, use white stones or marble tiles for your outdoor staircase.

Ideas to decorate wooden outdoor stairs

Wood is almost the most popular material used for both outdoor and indoor staircases.  Polish and chisel the wood and install medium railings for an attractive effect. Besides the fact that these stairs are durable and can be decorated in many different ways, they are not expensive at all. In addition, they look very natural and can blend almost everywhere.

The railings are also an important element to complete the staircase. They are used both for decorative and practical purposes. Usually, wood is the material use to construct them.

Ideas to decorate wrought iron outdoor stairs

People who love elegant and distinctive looks can choose to build their outdoor staircases from wrought iron. This material gives a modern and conventional aspect if used for staircases into gardens. The most popular color used for wrought iron is black and these stairs are available in different designs. Another advantage is that this material can be molded, thus manufacturers being able to create different beautiful shapes.

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