How to remodel staircases

If your interior staircase looks dull and does not fit anymore with the rest of the design in the house you can try remodeling it. The staircase is the main focal point in every house so its design is very important. Also, it represents the connection between the upper level and the ground floor.

In the following lines, we will present you several ideas to help you remodel your staircase.

 Clean the staircase

If your staircase was built a few months ago, all you need to in order to bring it back to life is to clean it very well. Metallic staircases are very easy to clean. Use a special cleaner to accomplish this task. On the other side, if your staircase is made of wood use a dry piece of fabric to remove any dirt it and then clean it using a wet micro fiber cloth.

 Polish and paint the staircase

After you finish cleaning your staircase, you can also polish or paint it. There are many wooden polish products available on the market that you can use for your staircase. But, if you have painted your staircase in the past you need to pick up a polisher in an appropriate color to cover small chip offs of scratches. If your staircase presents any severe damage, you need to apply another layer of paint. Sand the structure very well and apply a primer. After the primer gets dry, you can start painting your staircase.

Fresh flooring

After you finish remodeling your staircase, you should also take into account your flooring. You do not need to replace it or the laminate planks because it will take you a lot of time. For good results, you should try carpeting the staircase. There are a lot of floor carpet types and designs available on the market. Choose one that goes with the handrails for example. The result will be astonishing.

Carpet runners and treads

If your staircase does not need to be polished or repainted, but you want to bring it to live just add a few ornamental pieces. For example, install stair treads, which are not just decorative, but also practical because they are provided with slip-resistant characteristic.

A much easier way to improve the aspect of your dull staircase is to use a carpet runner. You can find a multitude of models and the prices vary from low to very high. Just make sure that your carpet runner fits well with your interior design.

Before starting any stair remodeling, make sure that the structure is strong and resistant. Also, take into account the available money for your project. Choose a nice design to give your staircase a completely new look. After you finish, add decorative items such as potted plants, tall ornamental pieces, etc.

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