Ideas for building concrete steps

If you plan to build concrete stairs for your house, but you do not have any experience with this material, ask the help of a professional. This process of making concrete stairs is very precise and requires practice before being able to do it yourself. There is no place for mistakes when it comes to the correct amount of concrete that needs to be mixed and poured.

Any mistake can make cracks in the stairs occur. Also, the amount of concrete that needs to be poured is important.

Only people who have enough experience in working with concrete can accomplish this task successfully.

How to do it

Before starting to build concrete steps for your house, you need to have a detailed plan, which should include the number of steps you need, their size, design and the type and design of the railing.

  1.  Clean the dirt from the place where you want to build your concrete stairs and place stringers.
  2. Use pinewood to cut boards for the base of the stairs. The boards should measure 2 to 6 inches. Use nails to fix them to the stringers.
  3. The next step is to pour a small amount of gravel into the frame you have built before. This way you will need less concrete for your project.
  4. Use a shovel to pour the mixed concrete into the frame very attentively. Make sure that the concrete is homogeneous and spreads all over the surface of the frame; otherwise, cracks may occur into the stars.
  5. Us a trowel to smooth the concrete stairs and a level to make sure they are perfectly flat. Take a brush and use it with your newly built stairs to make them non slippery. Do not walk on the stairs until they are completely dry. This process may last even seven days, depending on the weather conditions.
  6. After the steps have dried very well, you can start painting them in the desired color.
  7. The final step is to install the handrail. You can choose what style and material you want. There are various handrail types available in specialized stores.

Building concrete steps on a slope

The first thing you need to do is to dig steps into the slope.

Dig at the front and back of the base tread.

To build steps on the slope, follow the steps mention in the previous lines.


If you want to determine how much money you need to build concrete steps, there are several things to take into account:

– the number of steps you want to build;

– the amount of concrete you need;

– the type of wood you want to use for the boards;

– the cost of the equipment and tools you need;

– The amount of money that a professional will ask if you need his help.

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