Ideas to redecorate basement stairs

If you have a basement and you want to transform it into an usable space you first need to take into account the safeness of the stairs. You can start remodeling the basement and the staircase at the same time. There are a few ideas to revamp the staircase that leads to the basement.

Revamp basement stairs

If the stairs are made of concrete, the first thing you need to do is to tile their whole surface. In addition, you can paint the staircase if other flooring options for stairs are quite expensive for our available budget. Painting concrete is a very simple process and it will change completely the aspect of the basement staircase.

If the stairs are made of wood, you can stain them. Also, painting or installing stair treads are also good alternatives.

Decorate basement

After you finish with the staircase, think about redecorating the walls that surround the staircase from both sides; paint them in a nice color. Avoid dark colors because they will make the space look smaller. Instead, use light shades to illuminate the room. White is a good option for your basement walls if you add some accent pieces such as wall hangings and frames. Wallpapers can also be used for this purpose. The railing can be painted in a color that matches with the walls. If you plan to add wall panels into your basement, take into account to continue them up.

Embellish the staircase

All you need to do now is to install stair treads. Pick up a model that works with the basement design. Rubber treads are quite cheap and are a good option if you do not want to spend very much. Also, pick up a carpet runner to complete your job. Red, navy blue, beige or gray are nice colors that will work perfectly with the design of the basement.

The dimension of the staircase is important if you plan to add them decorative objects such as potted plants or any other accent piece.

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