Interesting ideas for staircase molding

When decorating their homes many people focus their attention on the furniture style and wall colors forgetting that the aspect of the staircase is at least as important all the other projects. Only after they finish painting the walls, choosing and arranging the furniture in place they realize that the entire view is incomplete. Something does not fit and that thing is the staircase.

Your “way” from the ground floor to the bedroom needs also some adjustments and aesthetic improvements. The best option to accomplish this task is to add molding to your staircase.

Install molding along the wall

Installing molding along the wall that is parallel with the handrail is a very good idea. Many staircases present a balustrade on one of their sides. The other side is right to the wall. That wall can become very interesting if you add a beading molding. The wall that is parallel with the balustrade can also be embellished if you add narrow strips of molding. In order to match with the rest of the space you can paint the molding in a similar or a contrasting color. You can also install narrow molding in a lattice pattern.

Adding a chair rail molding that is parallel with the balustrade of the staircase is also a good idea. Apply a tufted fabric on the lowest part of the wall and you will see that the final product will look great.

Install molding on the treads

If you decide to apply molding on the border of the treads, you should know that it is an easy and cheap task. Choose simple and thin strips of molding to install around every edge of the treads. The thinner they are the better. Of course, you have to choose molding in an appropriate color as the stair treads. You can use a contrasting color for the molding if you want to add elegance to the space.

Install molding on the balustrade

If you want to create a modern and sophisticated aspect for your staircase, you can try to add spindle molding on the balustrade. Use a contrasting color such as off white because it will work great with the wooden treads and risers of the staircase. Rosette molding is another option that you can use for the balustrade of your staircase

Whatever you decide, ask the help of a professional to install molding if you are not very skilled or you do not have enough free time.

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