Spiral staircase building instructions

Although you may tend to believe that building a spiral staircase with your own hands is a difficult task, in fact you are wrong. It is quite simple if you follow some important steps. Spiral staircases are very suitable for small spaces, for example to access the deck.

Besides the fact that this type of stairs is easy to build, it also looks very well. Usually, spiral staircases are made of wrought iron or steel because they are durable and long lasting. You can also use wood to build a spiral staircase, but it is not as durable as metal. Each step of a spiral staircase is supported by a bracket, which is attached to a pole in the middle. Let us see how to build an indoor spiral staircase step-by-step.

Keep in mind

Before starting your project, you need to get all the necessary documents from the local authority in your living area to build your spiral staircase legally.

The next thing you need to do is to establish the place where you want to build your spiral staircase. Make sure that the central pole is not too close to the wall where your staircase will be if you do not want to face problems when building it. Also, make sure that there is enough headroom. Standard headroom should measure six feet six inches.

Measure the diameter of the staircase and its height. Do not forget to take into account two inches of space from floor and walls of the stair steps for the handrails. Ensure yourself that you do not make any mistake when taking these measurements. Determine the height of the tread and take into consideration the width of the space outside the steps.

How to do it

Choose a design that you like and buy a do it yourself kit from a specialized store. Usually, a DIY set includes all the materials and tools you need to build a spiral staircase. It includes steps, a resistant pole for the center of the spiral staircase and brackets that have to be fixed to the central pole using a circular clamp. The stairs will be supported by a brace, which is part of the clamp. The nearby wall will also support the weight of the stairs. In this kit, you will also find detailed instructions to build a spiral staircase. Here are some important steps that will help you with your project.

  •  Get the stair risers and treads ready

The first thing you need to do is to cut all the stair treads in the pattern you have chosen. Make sure that the length of each tread is more than thirty-six inches in order to have a comfortable staircase. At the same time, ensure yourself that their width is four inches to make the flight of the steps have a smooth graduation. The width of the risers should also measure four inches.

  • Fit the pole at the center

Next, you have to install the pole at the center. In order to do that, put the base plate on the selected area of the floor and attached it on to the ground. Make sure that the surface is leveled before installation. The height of the top-level step from the bottom floor must be equal to the length of the pole. This pole must support the whole weight of the staircase that is why it must be steady and strong. Now, fix it very well to the ground to keep it still. For more safety, attach the top end of the center pole using a plumb bob.

  •  Build in the treads and risers

Attach the first step at the top of the staircase to the central pole next to the opening of the loft. Keep doing the same for the rest of the steps. This way you can make sure that there is enough headroom at the top entrance and you can change the position of the other steps in accordance to the available space. Now, you have to put the step from the top of the staircase on the brace and secure it using screws. Do the same for the rest of the treads. Next, install the risers sliding them vertically in between two treads. This way, the staircase will be more safe and secure. Stick in circular spacers in over the circular pole to keep the same distance between the steps.

  •  Build in the hand railings

In order to make the vertical support safer for the climber you need to install railings. This is a challenging task especially if you have no carpentry skills. To make your job easier, purchase railings that are especially made for spiral staircases because they include detailed instructions for you to follow. Install the hand railings according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you begin your installation from the lowest part of the staircase and finish with the upper part. That was all!

It is to be mentioned that the process of building a spiral staircase outside is quite different. Constructing spiral staircases outside is easier because you do not have to take into account the headroom. Anyway, if the height of the ceiling is big enough one can build a spiral staircase indoor.

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