Useful recommendations for building outdoor stairs

Outdoor stairs are an important element to decorate your garden or your house.  Besides the fact that they look great, outdoor stairs are also very practical. You can use them to reach from the ground level to your deck or to reach the patio.

Whether you want to build them for a decorative purpose or you need them, a previous plan is needed. You can use stone, wood or concrete for your project. At the same time, you can also install railings because they provide safety and look very nice.

The first thing to you should take into account is the design of the stairs; it should work well with the exterior of the house. There are many outdoor stairs designs to choose from so, it will not be very difficult to make your choice. Keep in mind that no matter the design you pick up, you cannot change the technical look of the stairs because they will become unsafe. For example, the depth of the tread should measure ten inches. The riser should be 7 ½ inches, while the height of the riser can vary between four and nine. Professionals recommend that the height of the riser should be less than eight inches. You can also install railings for more safety.

It is very important to choose the right design if you plan to build outdoor stairs that lead to your entrance door because it can embellish the whole aspect of the house. To do that, build wide stairs and make the first step from the bottom larger than the others. Narrow stairs will never fit with any exterior design of a house.

If you want to build outdoor stairs in order to reach to the deck level or for your patio, a spiral shape is a good option. The best materials you can use to construct spiral stairs are metal or wood.  Spiral stairs made of wood are also perfect for a three house. If you like circular stairs, use polished big stones to construct them. They look great if installed in the garden. To make them more attractive, leave small ground places between them and seed plants.

Use stone or concrete if you plan to build outdoor stairs to make your garden more beautiful.  Stone is the most recommended material to use for this purpose because it requires no special care and fits well into the garden. Do not use wood for this project because it cannot withstand bad weather. If you plan to build outdoor stairs for your balcony or deck, install also railings because they provide more safety.

If you want to give your outdoor stairs a professional look, ask the help of a carpenter or mason. This way, you will be completely satisfied with the result.

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