What you should know about carpet tiles for stairs

Carpet tiles for stairs, also known as soft modular flooring or carpet in a box, have been used for more than fifty years to decorate staircases.  People usually choose this type of stair flooring instead of carpets because it provides more safety and look very well. There are many carpet tiles colors and patterns available on the market if you want to use them for your stairs.

In addition, they reduce the noise caused by the stairs when it is walked on.

How to install carpet tiles for stairs

 It is not difficult at all to install carpet tiles for stairs because they come with a strong backing, thus you need no foundation layer or glue to fix them in place. Carpet tiles can be easily installed even in spaces that are not symmetrical and the waste is almost insignificant. If you want to save money, install your carpet tiles by yourself. You need no special skills to do that, just some free time and patience. If you damage one tile by mistake, all you need to do is to replace it with another one. As we have seen, this flooring type is very practical and cost effective.

  1.  The first thing you need to do is to determine the length and the width of each stair. Round off the result.
  2. Divide the length measures with the length of one tile. Do the same for the width of the stairs. Round off the result.
  3. Multiply each length and width to find out how many tiles do you need for every stair.
  4. The next step is to choose the direction of the tiles; do this with the help of a piece of chalk.
  5. If the carpet tile has adhesive strips, draw the tabs on them. If not, put double-sided carpet tape to the edges of the carpet square.
  6. Apply a layer of adhesive on the stairs, making sure that you cover the whole surface very well.
  7. Put a carpet tile in place. In order to lay the tile correctly and in the right direction, check the arrows drawn at its back.
  8. Lay the remaining tiles following the length of the first tile, making sure that you have placed them in the same direction. At the same time, ensure yourself that the cut edges face the wall.
  9. Use a utility knife to cut the tiles. When you install the carpet tiles in the stairs use a nosing. The tiles must face downwards on the stairs and inward on the treads.
  10. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you are not sure that you have placed the tiles correctly.

Different carpet tiles for stairs

Carpet tiles are not used just for stairs but also as runners for corridors and garden path, area rug or even as a wall to wall room breadth. They are very easy to clean and maintain and you do not need to remove the existing linoleum or tiles floor to install them. In addition, if you damage one tile, all you need to do is to replace it with a new one.

There are many carpet tiles models and colors available on the market to choose from. If you want to customize your pattern, you can combine two or more carpet tiles types. As we have said, carpet tiles come in different sizes such as 18 by 20 or 24 by 24 dimension square tiles. Manufacturer produces carpet tiles for stairs that present a pre-cut adhesive set. These sets may contain from 3 to 15 tiles. Just make sure you buy carpet tiles that are specially made for stairs and not standard types. Standard carpet tiles are bigger and are made of rubber; carpet tiles for stairs preset an adhesive backing.

As for the patterns, carpet tiles present geometric shapes, floral models and many other types. You can even find plain tiles in different colors, if you like simplicity. Keep in mind not to achieve them from different lots because they may present visible differences. This way, your staircase will have an unaesthetic look.

The best things about carpet tiles for stairs are that this flooring type is very easy to install and are durable. In addition, they require low maintenance and will make your stairs more attractive.

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