A level

Here’s a project for you: create a patio or a new design for the one you already have. It is an easy to moderate task in hand. In case you will be the owner of a first patio here is a definition for it: it is the space next to the house that makes the connection between it and your outdoor space.

It has a foundation on which you can place furniture or other elements to create a place for recreation or eating.

You have several options for the floor of the patio. First of them is the brick pavement. They are a durable choice, are easy to work with and for the installation you just need a rubber mallet, a level, a temper and some sand for the base. They bring a natural, earth like look due to their colors.

Let’s explore another idea. How about ceramic and porcelain tiles for your patio? These are suitable for a formal look and come in different colors. You will need a solid base and invest some money in this choice. Also, it is more complicated to install the tiles.

A natural look for the patio can be obtained if you use stone paving or wood.
For the stone tiles you can have different foundations (concrete, gravel or turf). Place them in a puzzle model or flags. The arrays from which you can pick the type of stones are slate, granite, limestone, sandstone and other categories.
The wood material comes in the shape of rectangles or squares. You can install them over concrete or old decking. The tiles offer a comfortable, pleasing stepping surface.

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