Aqautic landscape budget

Aquatic landscaping is a great way of enhancing your yard, using water, fish, stone bridges and more.

Before you begin anything, you must take into consideration the location and weather of your home. If you live in a hot, arid region, you need to find a way to keep the water feature and the plants irrigated constantly.

In colder regions, where temperatures reach freezing level and stay that way for half a year, you might think about making the aquatic landscaping an indoor feature, through a fountain, a waterfall and other such things.

Make sure you remember that maintenance is needed to keep the landscaping in shape. Usually, cleaning the area, replanting and other such activities should be done between seasons. This way you will avoid doing the same task twice. Wait for all the leaves to fall during autumn before you clean them, or you will surely repeat the process.

If you wish to have fish as part of the aquatic features, you must make sure to feed them and look after their health. The water must be carefully monitored so that it doesn’t have too much oxygen or too little, or a wrong acidic PH level. Also, the temperature must be suitable for the type of fish you choose.

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