Chimney liner

The flexible chimney liner is inserted into a masonry chimney most of the times through a chimney flue. Flexible liners are used especially for chimneys that have curves or bends or are not completely straight. The liners come in many sizes to fit any existing chimney.

A chimney liner is an important piece of the house because it represents the part of the chimney through which all the toxic fumes pass. A damaged, cracked or holed liner can allow smoke, moisture and other debris to enter the house. Also, excessive heat can damage or ignite the flue or surroundings like framing, walls, ceiling etc. That is why a chimney liner must be installed.

Proper chimney liner

A chimney liner not only protects you and your family creating an extra barrier between the fire and the living space, but also cuts down on the need for maintenance, being easier to clean. Thus, the lifespan of the masonry chimney is increased.

Recent home vents can cause acidic moisture to enter the chimney. If the bricks of the chimney get start turning white, then it is sure that excessive moisture enters the chimney. Buying a flexible chimney liner will help protect your chimney and your home.

Choosing the liner

A flexible chimney liner is usually made out of stainless steel alloy. Aluminum liners are mainly used for less efficient gas furnaces. The best liner is said to be the terracotta liner. The disadvantage of terracotta is that it is very labor intensive when installing. Terracotta liners are also very durable, lasting for even 75 years, which is 3 times more than the lifespan of a stainless steel liner. The stainless steel liner is relatively cheap and common. It costs around 20 – 40 dollars per foot.

When buying a flexible chimney liner, choose the widest one you can fit. It will assure an optimum draft and is overall more efficient for the fireplace. After installing it, seal the space between it and the flue with organic vermiculite or concrete mixture.

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