Extreme measure

Cats love the outdoors and love to play – that includes your flower beds or your neighbor’s so you might want to learn a few tricks to keep them away from the flowers. Cats like to roam and check out anything, its curiosity being legendary; but letting it go wherever it wants might prove dangerous making them prone to accidents or unwilling neighbours.

If you happen to be there and spot it, just spray some water on it: they hate it and most probably will not come back, even if only for a while.

There are even motion activated sprinklers, but that might actually turn against you with some cats, as they might think you’re playing with them. You can also use high frequency emitting devices, which will not affect you, but it is a rather extreme measure and there are others more natural and easy. Dogs are not a safe solution either as the might hurt the poor cat and they also affect your garden, though in other ways.

Think sand pit for your cat to use and even enclosures, like a garden netting (you can place it an inch or two above ground to keep the cat off it altogether), if necessary. Their paws are sensitive, so you can also try spreading pine needles on the ground, rocks or thorny branches. Citrus smells seem to keep them at bay or coffee grounds and there are some species of flowering plants too, like marigold, lavender, geranium and others.

There are even a number of cat deterrents on the market, like methyl nonyl ketone chemicals, which should be avoided in food crops, but are most efficient and safe for your flower beds.

And whatever you do avoid catnip plants!

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