Instructions to prevent and control termites

Termites have the possibility to destroy a larger number of houses than fire does. It doesn’t matter which type of termites you have in your house, subterranean or dry wood, but each of them can have the same impact on your house.


  1. Don’t let any source of water get near your foundation because this will only attract termites harder.
    Also big problems are leaking pipes in crawl spaces and gutters at the downspout.
  2. If you find cracks in your foundation take care of them immediately. This way you will stop the termites that want to get into your foundation.
  3. Any type of vegetation has to be kept away from your house. Mulch should be below the framing portion of your house at a distance of 6 inches and any stack of firewood should not touch the ground.
  4. Check your house for cracks or paint damages. Repair anything that you might think it will serve the termites as an entrance.
  5. You should have at least once a year a pest control company to check your house.
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