Instructions to repair termite damage to floors

Sometimes the floor repairs because of termites can be difficult. If they are minimal, then you can do it by yourself and save some money.


  1. If there are sub floor pieces that have been damaged, you have to first remove the top floorboards.
    If there is any possibility, try to solve the damages by crawling under your home or working from a basement in order to keep your interior floors intact.
  2. If there are utilities or wires near the area you have to work on, then you should disconnect them.
  3. You need a 2-by-4 floor joist to use it for the termite damaged area. This new floor joist has to be secured with nails to the crossbeam base of the house floor. This way the necessary structural support will be provided.


  • When removing the lumber, the support has to be replaced in any circumstances because otherwise you can do real damage to the home foundation. If you think you can’t replace the floor joists on your own, then call a professional for help.
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