Leaking out of drain

Water softeners are a necessity for the American people because hard water causes many problems daily. Generally, these systems are very good and work properly, but sometimes there may be some installation defects or improper maintenance that can cause problems.

More than 85% of the Americans are affected by the problems cased by hard water.

This is because water coming from rivers and other sources is purified by aquifers inside the ground, but it is hard. The hardness of the water is caused by the calcium and magnesium, which make it improper for cleaning and washing purposes. Hard water stains one’s clothes, dishes, clogs the pipes and affects the efficiency of the appliances. This is why, many people need to install a water softener system in order to soften hard water. .

A water softener is used to eliminate all the impurities and contaminants that cause all these problems and affects cleaning and washing. These systems include two tanks, one that includes plastic resin beads and one that is filled with salt. The water is softened with the help of these plastic beads. These machines do not have to be used every day, only two times a week. However, they need to be maintained properly in order to prevent any working problems. Read further on to see the problems that a water softener can develop.

Softener producing hard water

If you see that your system produces hard water instead soft water, there may be a problem with the salt levels. Sometimes these salt levels may decrease if not checked regularly. To solve this problem, you need to refill the brine tank with salt. You should also check the by pass valve to see if it is properly closed. If not, close it to solve the issue.

Low water pressure

 If the water pressure is low, there may be an installation problem. You may have not taken into account very attentively the plumbing layout, the availability of inlet pressure or the necessary flow rate. It is to be noticed that a low pressure is caused by the higher piping line. Professionals say that the decline pressure should be around one psig every two feet. So, make sure you respect this rule to sole the problem.

Leaking out of drain

Another problem that may occur is leaking out of drain. This may be caused by improper placement of the control valve. This means that the piston is damaged or there is a harmful material between the piston and its seals. To solve this problem you need to remove the existent piston and seals and replace them with new ones.

These were some of the most usual problems that a water softener may develop sometimes. To avoid these unpleasant situations you have to be very carefully when installing your system. In addition, make sure you respect the manufacturer’s instructions in order to maintain it properly.

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