Nature themes for bedrooms

We all like to wear fashionable clothes, have the trendiest haircuts and the newest accessories. And this also applies to our bedroom. Many fashionable colors can be used to decorate our private room.

Interior designers say that this year, a new trend has developed; this includes a mixture of modern, contemporary, elegance and brightness. Although you may ask the help of a professional to decorate your bedroom for you, where is the fun? You can do this easy job with your own hands. This way you will add a touch of personality to your room. In the following lines, we will present you several modern decoration ideas for 2012.

 Bedroom trends in 2012

Even if you are tired and stressed after a tensed day at work, you have to feel very comfortable when spending time into your bedroom. You can feel very relaxed and tranquil in this room if you pick up the right colors and theme to decorate it. Combining the right tones and shades to decorate your bedroom is essential.

Colors of nature

In 2012, the trendiest theme for bedrooms is nature. There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than Mother Nature. Because nowadays people are very busy and do not have enough time to spend in nature, interior designers have come up with a modern idea: let us bring a piece of nature inside our house. How can we do that? Simply by painting and decorating our bedroom in the colors of nature. One of the most popular colors is green. Combine a bright green tone with white or cream to decorate the walls of your bedroom; take care to choose a suitable tone of green because strong shades can make your room look garish. To complement the room add some potted plants or some vases with colorful flowers.

Intermittent colors

Another modern decoration idea is to use bright colors sporadically. This means that you can paint the walls in a neutral color such as off-white, ivory, beige, white or the like and a bright second color to accentuate the look of the bedroom. For example, you can combine white and red or yellow for a touch of elegance. Another option is to combine a bright tone of green or brown and cream or beige. Do not use bright colors to paint one wall as a focus point in the room. These bright colors can be used for the furniture, decoration items or accessories and not for walls.


As the interior designer say in 2012 blue rules when it comes to decorating a bedroom. And this is true. If this color is used appropriately, it can make your bedroom look gorgeous. This means that you have to use only pale tones of blue; otherwise, your bedroom will look very repulsive. If you want to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere into your private room, choose a tone of aqua blue for example. For a more stylish aspect, pick up a darker tone of blue. Combine one of these shades with white or ivory to complement the room.


This year every style is allowed to be used for a bedroom as long as you keep in mind the colors mentioned before. There is no rule or restriction when it comes to decorating a bedroom. You can use what color you want and like to create the bedroom of your dreams. The most important thing is that this room should reflect your personality and tastes. Use your creativity and imagination for a perfect finish.

These were the most trendy colors and themes used to decorate a bedroom. Use them wisely, add some imagination and create the bedroom you have always dreamed about.

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