Neutral colors

A bedroom is the most private room in the house, the space where people spend most of their free time. The perfect bedroom needs to provide you intimacy and influence positively your moods. To create a calming and relaxing bedroom you need to choose the right colors to decorate it.

So, if you plan to give your private room a tranquil and perfect look, read the following lines to find out what colors do you need to use for your purpose.

Paint colors

Before choosing a color to paint the walls in your bedroom, take into account the size of the room and the style of the existent furniture. It is to be noticed that colors play an important role on human psychology. One color can influence in many different ways several people. So, make sure that the color you choose has a positive effect on your mood. Choosing an improper color to paint the walls in your bedroom can affect your emotional state negatively and can make you feel very uncomfortable while trying to sleep or spending time into your room. Dark colors can make a room look smaller, while light tones will create the impression of a larger space.

People usually paint the walls in their bedroom in colors such as purple, orange, green, black, white, red, yellow or blue. White for example is a good option for small bedrooms because it reflects light, thus creating the illusion of a larger space.  Having white walls allows you to have furniture and other accessories in what colors you want. Black is not very suitable for bedrooms, especially if your room is small because it creates the illusion of an even smaller space. More than that, it can influence your moods negatively. You can use black in combination with white for an elegant bedroom. For a tranquil and comfortable bedroom, paint the walls in tones of blue or green. Avoid using yellow or red for this purpose because these colors are a little too strong.

Common colors

 Some of the most common and popular colors used for bedroom are neutrals, green, brown and blue. If you want to make your bedroom look very comfortable and tranquil, paint the walls in tones of blue. Besides the fact that blue is a very beautiful color, it can make a small bedroom look larger.

Another good option is to paint the walls in your bedroom in a neutral color, such as gray and tones of gray. These earthy shades are very trendy and nice. More than that, neutral colors are the safest choice to paint the walls in your bedroom. The only thing you should take into account when using neutrals for walls, is the furniture- make sure it blends with the color of the walls. Light tones of brown and green can also be used for bedrooms if you want to give your room a rustic look.

Choosing the right color to paint the walls in your bedroom is an easy task as long as you keep in mind these recommendations mentioned before. If you still have doubts, you can ask the help of an interior designer to help you. Good luck!

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