Pathway material

Garden walkways can be made out of natural stone like flagstone, slate, limestone or quartzite. The walkways are beautiful and simple to build.

If you want to install a walkway on your property using natural stone, you must choose the type of stone that suits your needs and budget and then inform yourself on the installation process itself.

There are many durable and colorful natural stones you can choose from. Sandstone and quartzite are the most durable materials you can choose, because these are rich in quartz. They can be found in either brown or green color.

You must take into consideration the costs of transporting the stone to your house and of course the costs of the stone itself. For example, you can find quartzite at $2.50 per square foot.

Tools and materials needed

  • A round point shovel
  • a square point spade
  • rake
  • mason’s hammer
  • level
  • string
  • small wood stakes
  • a wheelbarrow

Choose the size of your walkway. It can either be for one person, that means 18 – 24 inch wide or it can be for two persons, meaning 42 – 48 inches wide.

Use crushed rock and rock dust to fill up a 4 inch layer under the stones you will use. These materials will interlock and assure a firm base for the walkway.

When you start digging, use a round spade. After that, apply a layer of gravel, and then place the stones. Make sure the stones have a 1/8 inch slope outwards, to assure water drainage.

The stones must be trimmed using a mason’s hammer and must be 1 inch apart from one another. Make sure to press them down when placing them at their place so that they fit in properly. When you are happy with the results, sweep off any rock dust and then water the walkway with a garden hose and you’re done.

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