Patio stone

Having a backdoor patio where you can have a barbecue and relax is a very welcomed asset to the house. You just have to know a few things about the patio before purchasing anything.

Be sure to search for crack and freeze resistant concrete slabs.

These pavers will assure the durability of the whole patio. They must be small, either long or wide. This way they can withstand heavy loads, as opposite to large pavers that crack rapidly under big weights.

Pavers interlock, assuring that in freezing seasons, they will flex and not crack. Make sure you take into consideration the size, shape, location and elevation of the patio pavers. You also must have a large backyard. The patio pavers will be positioned on top of a base material like sand.

Calculate how high you want the patio to be. Excavate 6-7 inches deeper than that. You will need a solid patio base laid down.This patio base layer can be made of sand or recycled concrete.

If you have a concrete patio already installed, you can put one inch thin pavers over the concrete. If you extend the whole patio, use 2/8  inch and 3/8 inch pavers in the area without concrete so that it matches with the rest of the patio.

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