Rubber mallet

Stone has been used for ages with construction purpose. Today, a new utility was give to the material and that is the aesthetic usage. Paving stones can be easy and cheap.

Use a square shovel to mix the mortar in a wheelbarrow.

Place a small quantity of the mix on the patio surface (two square feet, one inch thick). Spread it with a brick trowel. Begin with a corner, and work outward.

Put a paving stone on the mortar. Line the edges both of the stone and the patio. Grant a 12-inch level on the paver’s top. If necessary, use a rubber mallet to tap the paver and correct it. Go on with the setting of paving stones. Take the tile saw and cut the stones in order to fit.

Let the mortar to dry and cure before stepping on the stones.

Spread a thin coat of bedding sand, of maximum 1/8 inch, over the paving stones. Distribute the sand to the spaces between the stones by sweeping with a push broom.

bedding sand, brick trowel, mix the mortar, paving stone, push broom, rubber mallet, square shovel, tile saw, wheelbarrow