Steps to building a canopy gazebo

Installing a canopy gazebo is much easier than you have ever thought. Besides the fact that are portable, canopy gazebos don’t require any construction knowledge.

How to study the plans

Before starting anything, you need to read all the instructions first and make sure you understand what you need to do.

Look carefully if you have all the needed materials and organize them in the order you need to use. This method will help you save time during the project itself.

How to level the foundation

The area where the gazebo will be installed needs to be as level as possible. If you need to make some changes, use a shovel and move dirt from one place to another. Leveling the entire place will prevent any trips and falls after the gazebo is set.

About the gazebo frame setup

For the installation of the gazebo you won’t need too much tools. You may need some screws for the clips but most of the components are made in such a way that they will fit perfectly.

How to install the canopy

Some canopy gazebos may already be attached to the frame but most of them are composed from more pieces that need to be put together. If you buy the one that needs to be installed from more pieces, you have to let it for a while in the sun to become more pliable. Take someone to help you and pass the edge of the canopy up and over the frame. When you are done with the canopy, place it on the frame and the job is done.

Safety considerations

As important as keeping the area under the canopy level is to cover the flooring area with either mulch or crush stone in order to reduce any tracking dirt or mud. There should be also a safety area around the gazebo of at least 5 feet which includes any type of plants. It’s better and more secure to attach the canopy legs to the ground to prevent it from being blown away by wind.

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