Wall murals

The bedroom is the place where we take refuge after a hard and stressful day at work. Decorating your bedroom is a very important task to accomplish because this space has to provide enough tranquility and peace to make you feel comfortable. Besides the color scheme you choose for this room, which is very important, you should also pay enough attention to the way you decorate your walls.

Usually, people use so many decorations for the walls that the room looks very clutter. Before starting this job, you have to choose the theme you want to use in the bedroom. One of the most popular themes are Zen, cottage style, princess style or modern minimalist style.

Different wall painting techniques

The cheapest and the easiest way to change the aspect of the walls is to paint them in a nice color combination. Use a complementary color for three of the walls and a darker tone like aubergine, wine, crimson or cobalt blue for the fourth one.  This way you will add some drama to your bedroom. to add some personality to your bedroom and make it unique, you can use different wall painting techniques such as painting stripes , sponge painting or chequers. These techniques do not require special skills, so you do not have to worry about that.


If you think that painting the walls of your room is not what you want, why don’t you use wallpapers instead? Besides the fact that you can find a multitude of designs and patterns available on the market, you can order unique wallpaper that works with your curtains and your bed linen for example. To add a touch of drama, achieve wallpaper in a black and white design and apply it on the wall behind your bed. If you have a high ceiling, you can install molding on the wall to make your bedroom welcoming and comfortable.

 Paintings and wall hangings

Wall hangings and paintings are also elements you should take into account. Watercolor paintings or oil paintings are the most suitable for this purpose; place them on the wall above your bed. To bring your bedroom to life, hang one big painting on the wall. You can also group smaller paintings and hang them in an appropriate position on the wall. Another option is to buy some antique frames for your favorite prints and textiles and use them to decorate the walls in your bedroom. if your bedroom has a minimalist style, modern abstract paintings are what you need. If you have an English cottage style bedroom, portraits and landscapes will work best.

Mirrors and murals  

If you like art or you have artistic skills, you can create a wall mural into your bedroom. Use a stencil to border the walls or use lace covered in paint for a more attractive look. The main idea is that the result should be astonishing. Another option is to use antique silver frames, which are very detailed, as frames for mirrors. Frame a large mirror and put it against one wall in your bedroom. You will love it!

To conclude with, install suitable lighting and achieve proper curtains and drapes to complement the room.

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