Yard lighting

In order to create a really nice atmosphere for your gazebo it’s necessary to use the best LED lights. This type of illuminating does not consume much energy even if the LED lights are on all night. This job can be done on your own with the right tools.

It’s not difficult at all and the following steps will help you with the necessary information.

Observe the gazebo

The size of the gazebo is very important. Depending on how large it is, you will need one or more lights. Also you may need to take into consideration details like the layout, colors and types of furnishing you have inside the gazebo.

The locations for the lights

First, determine the places where you want the lights to be and then make the necessary measures from that place to the power source. This way you can determine how much wiring you will need.

The wires

In case of an open gazebo, pipes will be necessary for the wires. They can make your gazebo look awful but if you will embed them on the posts or walls, the problem will be fixed.

How to install the lights

A socket is going to be installed at every marked area and the wires will be connected to the back of the bulb socket. After fixing the sockets on the ceiling, you can insert the bulbs and tighten.

How to tap the wires to the power source

Before working at the wires you need to turn off the circuit breakers or else accidents can happen. You need to pay attention to this task because any loose wire can cause malfunction. If you find any exposed wired tap them immediately with electrical tape to avoid future problems.

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