3 ways for getting rid of termites

Termites cause damage worth of billions every year. They can cause real problems if left unhandled. There are many ways for getting rid of termites, but we will take a quick look of three of the most effective.

The first method, and one of the most popular amongst professionals is baiting. The exterminators use specially designed wooden monitors to attract termites and then they use chemicals to treat them. These baits contain toxins that do not kill the termites on the spot, but allows them to spread the toxins to the nest, thus being more effective and killing more termites.

Another effective method is using the chemical barrier. To create this barrier, the soil around your home is treated with some liquid pesticides, blocking the roots used by termites. If the termites get in contact with the pesticide they are either killed or repelled. This is more of a prevention method.

The third effective way of getting rid of termites is fumigation or tenting. This method is used only in severe cases. It involves isolating your home in a tent and then the professionals will apply a strong chemical that will kill any insect in the house, no matter how deep they are buried.

From all of these methods you will need to choose the perfect one for your case. Think about the budget and about the time needed for the treatment.

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