About damp wood termites

There are many types of termites, and one of them are damp wood termites. These usually feed on damp wood, rotting wood and timber. In order to protect your home, you will need to accomplish a few things.

One important thing is to get rid of all the wood deposits around your home.

Main characteristics

These termites have a few classes, like warriors, workers, reproducers and a queen. Damp wood termites are usually a little larger than the other types of termites. They have brownish-reddish head with big mandibles. The workers are usually smaller than the soldiers. The reproducers usually have wings.


Termites usually travel from one place to another in search for food. The most dangerous period is when they settle the nest, as they will eat large quantities of wood.

Avoiding damp wood termites

To avoid having your house infested with termites you will need to get rid of all the leaks and moisture sources on your property. These things attract termites. You should also get rid of all wood sources from your yard, like fire wood piles.

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