Destroying termite mounds

Even if termite mounds are more frequent in Australia and Africa, they can also  be found in areas where termites live. The mounds are built above the ground but in most cases, termites live a few feet under it. Those mounds that can be seen from the surface play the role of ventilation systems for regulating the temperature in the tunnels where the termites live.

Termites are hard to kill because if you destroy only the part of the nest that was built above the ground, you won’t accomplish too much. In order to get rid of the infestation completely, you have to be sure you have killed all the termites before you remove their nest.

How to destroy the mound

A termite mound can be hard to destroy and this is why you need to use a shovel or hoe in some cases and in others you may need a rototiller. If after you destroy the termite mound, there are still some termites that live under the ground, they will build the mound right in the same place or in a different one. Some people may be content to destroy  termite mounds over and over again but this won’t be an effective way to protect the home. To do something once and for all it’s better to read about some methods that help you eliminate a termite infestation.

Chemical insecticides

A few years ago, liquid insecticides were very common against termite infestation and they were killing the termites or preventing them from getting into a home. This can be an effective way but dangerous in the same time for pets and children. The chemicals can produce some poisoning if they reach into your water supply.

Repellents can be effective in the long run and quite safe if you use them around the home. In order to isolate the termites it’s good to know exactly where their nest is located. It would be better to also ask the opinion of a professional. After you have establish correctly the boundaries of the nest, you can use repellent to make the termites go away.

After the termites have got off of the nest, you can destroy the mound without worrying that the insects will rebuild it again.

Baited traps

Baited traps can be successfully used against clear areas where the termite infestation is small. You can purchase these traps from a hardware or a gardening store. After the mound has been abandoned by the termites, you can destroy it without any problems.

If you don’t get the desired results using the methods presented above, you can easily call for some extermination services.

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